Job Summary

We are in search of experienced and compassionate Caregivers who understand the importance of meeting the needs of clients while helping them maintain a high quality of life. We are looking for a committed individual who has impeccable communication skills and is able to problem solve on the spot.

General Accountabilities
 Interacting with patients in medical facilities, nursing homes, or in the patient’s homes and traveling between sites to give care to multiple patients if needed.
 Providing a warm and welcoming care environment.
 Listening to a patient’s needs, wants, and other suggestions about their care.
 Attending to patient’s hygienic needs such as bathing, dressing and undressing, cleaning teeth or dentures, and using the bathroom.
 Recording basic health information such as weight, food intake, and daily bowel movements/urination and reporting any unexpected or worrisome conditions in the patient: medical, psychological, emotional, or otherwise.
 Assisting patients with preparing meals, eating, and cleaning up after themselves.
 Performing household chores on behalf of the patient such as making the bed, tidying up the bedroom, doing laundry, dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc.
 Assisting with shopping, keeping a detailed financial record of all transactions.
 Accompanying patients on approved outings. Assisting patients with mobility needs (helping them get up, helping them get into a wheelchair or walker, pushing a wheelchair, etc.)
 Reminding patients to take medication according to their doctor’s prescription.
 Respecting the patient’s privacy and rules of confidentiality.
 Establishing a relationship with each patient and members of patient’s families.
 Answering the telephone and greeting guests on behalf of the patient.
 Responding to medical and other emergencies immediately.
 Assisting with errands. Be resourceful and flexible with scheduling.

Job Qualifications
 Patience, Attentiveness, Concern, Empathy, Domestic Tasks, Medicine, Listening, Communication, Positive Attitude, Discretion, Punctuality, Friendliness, Writing, Reporting, Preparing Meals, Cleaning, Laundry, Traveling.
 Flexible availability.
 Willing to commute.
 Valid Driver’s License and Proof of Insurance.
 At least 2 years of Caregiving experience required.

 Excellent verbal and written communication
 Active listening
 Service orientation
 Monitoring
 Critical thinking