As we get older, we all need some extra help. But when it comes down to going to a nursing home or elderly care facility, or getting to stay in one’s home, your loved one probably already has a strong preference for staying where they’re most comfortable. Who can blame them? Staying in the place you call home, sleeping in your own bed, cooking in your own kitchen, all of these are understandably preferable to uprooting and living in an assisted living environment. While certain health restrictions or needs sometimes do require the services of a nursing home, most families want to honor their elderly loved one’s wishes, whenever they can.

Quality Care Companions — based here in Eden Prairie — offers a number of elderly care services, including live-in caregiving options that could allow for your loved one to stay in their home while still getting the care and assistance they need. Learn more about this option, and contact our elderly care service team today to get started! We cater to our folks throughout the Twin Cities and Eden Prairie.