A Few More Signs Your Loved One Needs Help

Welcome back to our blog series on signs that your loved one might be in need of senior home care. This can be a difficult time and transition for any family, but once you get started with Quality Care Companions, things will start to settle into normalcy and a new routine — and the peace of mind you’re looking for will absolutely follow.

As scary and sad as it can be to watch your loved ones grow older, it’s truly a bittersweet part of life, and the right senior home care can make these years ones to cherish and remember. See some signs that it’s time to get additional help for your loved one, and learn about the many services we offer, including dressing assistance, medication reminders, companionship, and more.

They’re recovering from an illness or injury.

When we’re younger, illnesses and injuries don’t usually take too long to recover from. Our bodies can overcome things faster, simply because we’re healthier and more equipped to deal with various types of strain.

In older age, things that might have once taken a few days of rest and recuperation now can take weeks, or even months. If a doctor has stated that your loved one is in need of more intensive senior home care, this might be a great time to hire someone for help. With Quality Care Companions, we can care for your loved one on a temporary or longer-term basis — whether their recovery is going to be a few weeks or longer, we’re more than happy to help in whatever way we can.

Your schedule is beyond packed.

Whether it’s your extraordinarily busy job, taking care of the kids, or all of the above, a jam-packed schedule makes providing proper senior home care very difficult. This is very different than simply visiting your loved one and keeping them company — elderly care can require lots of preparation, cleaning, cooking, setting medication reminders, driving to appointments, and everything in between. Essentially, you will have to provide for another person, which can be very challenging when you’re busy with a million other things and trying to already provide for others.

There is no shame or guilt in admitting that you’re too busy to provide home care. The most important thing is getting your loved ones the care that they need, and reaching out for help is a courageous and noble thing to do. You can still be there for them, but your relationship might be even stronger if you’re able to spend time with them versus having to constantly provide for their well-being. Our senior home care services are here to provide the best in care for your loved one, but we’re also here to make your job easier as well.

They’re spending a lot of time alone.

As reported in a study done by the AARP, “Loneliness was a significant predictor of poor health. Those who rated their health as ‘excellent’ were over half as likely to be lonely than those who rated their health as ‘poor’ (25% vs. 55%).” Loneliness is something that is, unfortunately, so common that senior loneliness has been declared as an actual disease by many medical professionals. We’ll dive into more facts about senior loneliness in a future blog, but in the meantime, know that if your loved one falls into this category, providing some companionship can be one of the best things for their quality of life — and even their overall health.

If your loved one is exhibiting any of these signs that we’ve covered in this blog series, take the first step in providing the best in senior home care. Contact Quality Care Companions in Eden Prairie for the compassionate care they deserve, and the peace of mind that you long for.